PhD by Research - IICUT, Cambodia

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

IICUT - PhD by Research FAQ

1. Is IIC University of Technology, Cambodia recognized by UGC of India ?

The IIC University of Technology is Recognised and Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport, Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is a Member of International Association of Universities - IAU maintained by the UNESCO , UNO. UGC of India is meant to regulate Indian Universties and not the Cambodian University.

2. How we can understand that it is a Genuine University and not a fake one?

You can check the World Higher Education Database - WHED, maintained by the International Association of Universities, UNESCO. A listing in the WHED-IAU database is a proof of the university being officially recognised and accredited in their home countries.  The IIC University of Technology is a member of International Association of Universities in addition to the WHED-IAU listings.

3. Whether its degree will be accepted in India?

The Degrees conferred by the Recognized universities from any country are generally well-accepted and recognized all over the world just as Degrees conferred by the Indian Recognized Universities are accepted world-wide. For specific use & purpose, if any, you are advised to verify at your end.

4. Can I use this Degree for immigration or jobs in foreign countries?

Of-course, you can. Being a Recognized University, its degrees are recognized world-over just like any other degree from any other recognized university.

5. CAn we get IICUT Degree Atetsted by Ministry of External Affairs , Cambodia ?

The IIC University of Technology Degrees can be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Cambodia. The interested graduates can contact the University or CMCE regarding the process, cost and time involved in it.

6. What about the Course Work?

The IICUT PhD Program is a Degree by Research wherein the main focus is on the Research , Publications and the Doctoral Dissertation & its defense. This is an Off-campus Regular Guided Research Program wherein campus attendance is not compulsory. However, there is a provision of 1 week On-campus seminar against extra cost but is an option and additional facility to the PhD students enrolled from any where in the world through CMCE College..

7. What about the Min. Pass Percentage in the Course and is there any Entrance test for admission?

Being a Research Program, assessment is done based upon quality of research & publication, Dissertation Review & Oral Defense. There is no entrance test for admission. Rather admission is granted by evaluating the profile , merit of the proposed topic of research and personal interaction over phone or other media.

8. Will the Guide or Mentor be provided?

Generally, Dissertation Supervisor is selected by the candidate and approved by the university. In case anyone needs our support in finding one, we will try to do the needful.

9. What should be the min qualification to become a PhD guide?

A PhD degree holder from any recognized university with good years of academic experience can become a PhD guide / dissertation supervisor.

10. If CMCE provides guide / dissertation supervisor, what will be the charges?

Generally up to US$500.

11. Will there be any discount in the fees?

No. However installment facility can be availed by the applicants.

12. Can we verify from the university about authenticity of the degree conferred.

Yes, of-course. You may approach the university by email or post with a copy of the degree conferred. The University shall email you verification report. The verification via email is free of any cost.

13. Can I attend the University Convocation Ceremony to receive my degree personally at the IICUT  Campus?

Yes, you can attend with prior information to the university. You have to bear your own cost of travel, Visa & stay.

14. What is the maximum duration allowed for completion of the PhD after enrollment?

The candidates have to complete the Program in 3 years. However in case of non-completion the registration remains valid for another year but additional fees may be levied.

15. Is Fees paid refundable or transferable?

No. Fees once paid shall neither be refunded nor transferred under any circumstances.